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Summer in Berlin during Corona: Meeting other people

Summer in Berlin: Fun activities during Corona Summer in Berlin: Fun activities during Corona.
Berlin is a great city throughout the whole year but during the summer it gets just a little bit more awesome.
The people have a better mood, the parks are full and because of the Spree and many lakes there are plenty of great spots to go swimming.

If you get the chance to enjoy the summer in Berlin

make sure to try at least a few of the fun activities in this article.
All of them are corona-proof by the way.
Summer during Corona.
It’s been a weird year so far: Because of Corona the summer in Berlin started off slower than usual.
People were forced to stay home and the city was deserted for quite some time.
Lucky enough most limitations were loosened up a bit in June: You are allowed to meet up to 5 other people again, sport-courts are opening up and slowly more and more activities in Berlin are allowed again.
Picknick in the park.

A great thing about Berlin is that you are allowed to drink in public

Many other capital-cities in Europe do not allow this and that’s a pretty big limitation when it comes to having a fun afternoon in the park.
During Corona you are not allowed to have a barbecue in the open but you can of course have a nice picknick with friends.
Just bring some nice tapas, drinks and chips and you will have a great time.
Keep these rules in mind though.
No summer in Berlin without a Barbeque (© Berlin-enjoy.com) Some of our favourite parks in Berlin are the Mauerpark, Volkspark Friedrichshain and Treptower Park.

Especially the last one is huge and directly connected to the water of the Spree

This enables you to combine this first activity with renting a raft on the spree (see below).
Summer in Berlin during Corona: Meeting other people.
The three most important rules for activities during corona are: You are allowed to meet up with one other household (independent of the amount of members).
You are allowed to meet up with 4 other people of other households.
Always keep 1,5 Meter distance to other people (outside of your own household).
Chilling on the Spree.

It is obviously a great addition for a city like Berlin

that the Spree is floating straight through the city.
The nice terraces at the water, the beautiful sights and the chance to dive in when it gets very hot.
A small disadvantage of the summer in Berlin can be that it gets quite crowded at hotspots close to the water.
To solve this issue you can always decide to actually float on the water.
Renting a raft or a waterbike is fun and quite affordable too.

Rent a waterbike in Berlin (© Berlin-enjoy.com) Rent a waterbike or raft

Renting a waterbike is an activity you can do for just a few hours.
There are plenty of spots to rent a waterbike and one of the most local ones is Treptower Park.
Renting a waterbike for one hour costs 15€ which is a good price if you ask us.
If you want to be on the water the whole day you can also rent a raft.
Here you will pay about 100-150€ for a day but you can share the raft with several people.
The rafts are equipped with comfortable chairs and a barbecue so this is a great and relaxing activity for the summer in Berlin.
Info: Swimming in the Spree.
Most people say it is not a good idea to swim in the Spree.
The water is not very clean but so far I never had a problem.
I would not recommend to swallow the water but just swimming is done by quite a few people.

One thing to keep in mind is that the water gets dirtier if you go further west in Berlin

More waste will be added to the water after the city of Berlin (The stream is going west)

Playing Beachvolleyball.
If you want to enjoy the summer and get some color at the same time, make sure you play some sports.
Due to Corona it was not allowed for many weeks but since the 15th of May many sports are allowed again.
Beachvolleyball is one of them and is one of the coolest sports during the summer.
It’s great that most people know how to play this sport at least a bit and afterwards you can drink a beer with your feet in the sand.
What else do you need to be happy in the summer.
Beachvolleyabal Berlin A great summer activity It should not come as a surprise that Berlin has plenty of beachvolleyball-courts to offer.
All over town you can find places which offer this activity with varying prices, courts and locations.
Obviously it is easy to choose one which is close to your home/hostel.
But you can also choose one with the best bar to have a drink afterwards.
If you want to compare the courts you can read about our five favourite beachvolleyball-courts in Berlin.
Visit the beach.
In this article we already mentioned that you can go for a swim in the Spree but if you really want to enjoy some water you should visit the beach or a lake.

There are plenty of places to enjoy some water in the summer of Berlin

You could visit Badeschiff, although this is quite touristic already.
Therefore it might be a better idea to visit the Muggelsee or the Wannsee.
Enjoy the summer at the Wannsee (© Berlin-enjoy.com) The Wannsee can be reached very easily from stations like Alexanderplatz, Ostkreuz and Warschauer Straße.
Just take the S-Bahn which leads you directly to Wannsee.
From that station you can walk to the beach.
You have to pay 5 euro entrance but will have a great afternoon at the water.

Swimming is still one of the best things when it is a warm summer-day in Berlin


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