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Webinar: CMDB Baby Steps – Learning to Crawl

Contender Insights.
Contender Insights.
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Technology is only as good as the people who use it and Contender Solutions is here to help your organization make the best of it.
Webinar: CMDB Baby Steps – Learning to Crawl.
Overview: Join us for a deeper technical dive into the CSDM framework when structuring your CMDB.
Learn how Contender”s engagement model can take you from building a foundation to learning how to transition to the “Crawl” stage.
The experts at Contender Solutions will walk you through the process while providing real client stories that show the true value and ROI behind it all.

Learn more and register Article: Secureworks to ServiceNow – Bridging the Gap

Overview: As an MSSP, Secureworks has many customers that utilize ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response (SIR) for managing events and incident response.
To support these customers a plugin was developed that embedded a Secureworks module within ServiceNow to allow customers to interact with Secureworks alerts.  Click to read Webinar: It”s not a CMDB!.
Overview: As Digital Transformation Strategies become the norm across the enterprise two paths tend to emerge for IT.
Either “Legacy” thinking stands in the way of innovation OR “Adoption & Change” take the lead allowing IT to speak the language of the business.  Learn more and register Article: When is More Not Better?.
Overview: Just like the IT Service Delivery side of the organization realizes how important it is to have the right things tracked and focus on the items which need action, most people working in IT Operations are realizing this reality now as well.  Click to read Article: What Makes a Good HR Service?.
Overview: One of the most important activities during an HRSM implementation is building the HR Service Catalog.
This, of course, .

Includes building out individual HR services

When building the HR Service catalog there are several things to consider and this article outlines those important points.
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