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Formerly I was the CTO at ROOBEO

Hi, .

I”m Aykut Çevik – a tekkie living in Berlin & Leipzig – Germany

I turned my passion into my profession and I”m currently employed as aChief Technology Officer (CTO) at (acquired by ).
Formerly I was the CTO at ROOBEO.
???? Do you love tech too.
???? This should be all – for now.
If you have any questions, feel free to with me.
Also, you can find me on.
I graduated as a specialized computer scientist with focus on software within 2.5 years, which is internationally acknowledged and realized by the.
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Posted July … Continue reading Hey New Yorker

Category: black history.
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Get the #BlackAFRoundTable & #BlackAFSidetable vods in one handy spot.
Aka this thread.
Don”t let these conversations be the only time folks in the #TTRPG space listen to Black creators and take us seriously, and act rather than claim we”re just complaining over nothing.
What we did was labor, both emotional and literal as we ….
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So I”ve gotten a bit of press recently and wanted to share it with y”all.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ubisoft Toronto to be part of the second Black Game Pros Mixer event in early February!  Check out some of the coverage and when the video of the panel is available Games ….
, , ,.

It’s officially Black History Month

Do me a solid & support black creatives if you’re not already doing so.
Often our Patreons, crowd funded ideas get less support than others.
We have to deal the extra layers of BS that comes with our work being labelled as whatever others deem fit; thus excusing them not supporting ….
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April 21 You Have Died From Exposure: The Importance Of Compensating Geeky Marginalized Creators Jennifer Cross [M], Michi Trota, Suzanne Walker, Ariela Housman “Do It for the Exposure!” “Aren’t you just grateful to have this opportunity?” Too often, marginalized creators are thrown these adages as compensation for their hard work and creativity in lieu ….
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I thought about writing out my thoughts on all the killings and shootings of our people instead of a long thread of tweets.
However, I’m not doing that for two reasons.
One) it’s like the second I talk about one person’s murder by cops, another occurs in hours if not days and it’s exhausting emotionally, ….
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Watch Sammus Music”s video below, then come back to this tab.
Trust me, I have reasons.
This song is.
it”s so fucking important to me.
It”s about getting therapy, and as a black woman hearing this from another black woman, it made me sob when I heard her sing this at GX3.
I”ve ….
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In response to mainstream prides everywhere, including both the racism and sexism that pervades the larger gay community, Queer Women of Color and Friends (QWOC+ Boston) hosts OPTIONZ — in its fifth year — tonight, a highly anticipated annual pride party specifically created to provide a space for lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgender and queer women of ….
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Black is beautiful, just so we are motherfucking CLEAR.
Black ain”t “less desirable than other races”, “inherently less attractive than other races” So.
we are in the throes of yet ANOTHER online storm about black folks.
Black women”s looks, black women”s bodies, black fathers and the old ass trope of omfg black folks are on ….
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In honor of today”s Martin Luther King Jr.
Holiday, I”m sharing the winning essay in the American”s for Democratic Action”s contest: What Would Luther Do.
I”m pleased that the winning essay is by my good friend Joy E.
Remember, that even though Dr.

King is immortalized for his “I Have a Dream” speech

King”s ….
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Reposting from Neo_Prodigy on LJ.
Navigating Through This Post-Racial Society Neo_Prodigy once again nails something on the head so hard it howled for mercy that has been milling around in my head regarding the reaction to Lebron”s leaving Cleveland and how Lebron”s non-decision overshadowed the news of the cop that was convicted of the lowest ….
, ,.
I wrote this note last year when Michael Jackson passed and instead of trying to come up with something else, I think this still stands, and for those of you that weren”t fans, didn”t like his music that”s fine.
No need to disrespect those that are fans and who still mourn the loss of their ….
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So there is an article out there called Why are Black women so Big.
The author of this little gem wrote a piss poor piece, basically saying all black women are fat asses that simply eat too much.
She does not take into account the various factors of weight gain, and the struggle to lose ….
, , , , , , ,.
I”ve had the issue of women being treated as property, as if (some) men think we are here for their pleasure only, as if we are to be honored by your hey baby, how you doin”s as we go about our daily lives, but instead when we ignore you, tell you to fuck off or ….
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As usual has Karnythia has written this topic up much better than I can but I had to get my two cents worth out there.
I”ve not said a lot about Caster Semenya and her treatment by those who apparently couldn”t lose gracefully but attacked her “questionable” gender because she beat other runners in the 800M ….
08/15/200908/15/2009 , , , concise history of race relations in the US.
concise history of race relations in the US Originally uploaded by bleu_woulfe I found this online.
and it”s about as concise as I can be about the total racial fail found around friends internet spaces lately.
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Stolen off LJ from kittie_kattie I have a new level of non existance: Apparantly PoC didn”t start getting into sci-fi/fantasy until the interent showed us the way.
What the fuck is that shit.
*~*~* wild unicorn herd check in: “If you identify as a POC/nonwhite person and you read or watch scifi or fantasy, ….
, , , , ,.
GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND** As some of you who have been following RaceFail 09” know.
one good thing has surfaced from this fiasco.
verb_noire is a new press started by karnythia & thewayoftheid.
Those of ….
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02/25/200902/25/2009 , , , , , , , , A note to those who want to claim.
but I didn’t know it was racist!.
For the edification of the few dumbasses who still want to claim.
but I didn”t know (insert phrase/imagery/well known historical fact) had a racist connotation.
Here”s some facts for you: 1.
Watermelons + black folks = RACIST IMAGERY Saying you had no idea.
Makes you out to be a dumbass racist, .

Or at the … Continue reading A note to those who want to claim

but I didn’t know it was racist.
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I”m so proud right now.
So damn proud of our country, it”s people and of our new President.
Yes, it was so good to hear “Do you, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
” and not have them skirt the issue of his middle name.
It was good to hear him swear his oath to this country and ….
01/22/2009 , , , .

Context for those people offended at Dr

Lowry’s comments during benediction.
For those folks offended by Dr.
Lowry”s words.
I can”t change that you are offended that is your right but there”s nothing I can do about it.
Don”t come crying to me with your offense at it.
If you are so bothered, then take it up him.
I”m just giving you some context so you … Continue reading Context for those people offended at Dr.
Lowry’s comments during benediction.
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, ,.
The closing benediction as given by Reverend Lowry on 20 January 2009 after the swearing in of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States.
God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, thou who has brought us thus far along the way, thou who has by thy might led ….
, , , ,.
Full text of the speech given before more than a million on the National Mall1:28 PM CST, January 20, 2009 President Barack Obama, with First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha at his side, acknowledges the crowd after being sworn in as the country”s 44th President.
(Tribune photo by Terrence Antonio James / ….
, , , ,.

Thorswitch has an excellent post on Dr

King”s vision for a black president that aired on the BBC.
From the Orlando Sentinel: Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
predicted the United States would have a black president, but his timing was a bit off.
He saw the milestone coming a lot sooner.
You can see a ….
, , , , ,.
I usually give a nod to Dr.
King for all of his achievements and place in history.
but this year is special to me.

Special for the fact that tomorrow instead of another Dream Deferred

we get to see a Dream Realized by so many people.
I wrote before on waking up after election day ….
01/08/2009 , , Is racism dead?.
The Chicago Red Eye asked if Racism is Dead today.
I don”t know what news they have been reading, or what world they have found themselves in, but after reading the following stories I”d have to answer them with fuck no Racism IS alive and fucking well in this “post-racial” America.

First is the story … Continue reading Is racism dead

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Via LJ User slit I find it curious that African-American women are all lazy unwed welfare-cheating baby-making machines and African-American men are all violent drug-abusing absentee fathers RIGHT UNTIL they are standing in the way of gay rights, at which point they become socially conservative homophobes who can”t see past their religious family values.
If ….
11/05/2008 , YES, WE DID!.
Ok, I woke up and it”s not a dream.
Well it is a dream come true for so many people who never thought they”d live to see this happen.
I called my mom and she was in tears.
My great Grandmother wasn”t able to vote until she was 50.

My Grandmother wasn”t able to vote … Continue reading YES

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10/30/2008 , , , , , On why I’ve never been able to support McCain/Palin & chose Obama/Biden.
I”m a life long democrat, that shouldn”t surprise anyone here.
My bit on the lack of support for McCain is so people can understand this isn”t a knee jerk, OMG he”s a Republican so I can”t support him reaction.
It”s a reaction to his platform, or rather a lack thereof.
I”m a reasonable, intelligent person(and … Continue reading On why I’ve never been able to support McCain/Palin & chose Obama/Biden.
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10/29/2008 , , , 30 minutes…Barack just wants 30 minutes….
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10/16/200810/16/2008 , , , , Anyone who thinks racism is dead needs to wake up.

Inland GOP mailing depicts Obama”s face on food stamp 08:54 PM PDT on Wednesday

October 15, 2008 By MICHELLE DeARMOND The Press-Enterprise The latest newsletter by an Inland Republican women”s group depicts Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken, prompting outrage in political circles.

The October … Continue reading Anyone who thinks racism is dead needs to wake up

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Warning – hateful image at the head of this & linked post, in case it would bother anyone A thoughtful post on a hateful image done by a McCain supporter by karnythia Well written post again by Karnythia.
Once again articulating what is bothering me about the rage and undercurrent of kill him and race ….
10/04/2008 , , Is she just that clueless.
Wait, I just answered my own question.
Palin attempts to link Senator Obama to homegrown terrorism.
Except as usual, she”s way off the mark.
Palin claims Obama is palling around with a known terrorist during a campaign stop in Ohio.
Problem with this assertion is that: a.) Everyone knows that this man did the majority of his “radical terrorist” work when Obama … Continue reading Is she just that clueless.
Wait, I just answered my own question.
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08/29/2008 , , , , My thougts on the election… Senator Obama, history.
I won”t mince words here.
I do Believe in Change, I do believe in the message that Senator Barack Obama is bringing to the nation.
I do believe that he can be that agent of change we need to move past the past eight years of war, recession, theocracy and tailspin we have endured as … Continue reading My thougts on the election… Senator Obama, history.
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08/29/200808/29/2008 , , , Text of Obama’s Nomination acceptance speech.
Link stolen shamelessly from angelsscream Denver, CO (AHN) – Sen.
Barack Obama”s acceptance speech as he receives the nomination to serve as the Democratic party”s presidential candidate for 2008; delivered to the nation from Invesco Field at Mile High stadium in Denver, Colorado.
To Chairman Dean and my great friend Dick Durbin; and to all … Continue reading Text of Obama’s Nomination acceptance speech.
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08/26/2008 , , , Fox lies tothe masses, Rightwing Swiftboating v2.0 – or let’s derail Obama 08′.
Media Matters has found the Obama swiftboating strategem The thematic structure of the right-wing smear campaign against Barack Obama As the means of communication have evolved, presidential campaigns have grown increasingly multifaceted, with each election featuring layers of complexity that were not present four years before.
The most striking feature of the 2008 election may … Continue reading Rightwing Swiftboating v2.0 – or let’s derail Obama 08′.
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07/24/2008 , , , Sly Fox by Nas… best commentary on Faux news I’ve seen in a while.
Excellent commentary on Faux news: Lyrics are not safe for work.
For context: The story from the Huffington Post on how he tried to deliver a petition to Fox with 600,000 signatures and they refused to see him Text after the jump for the link phobic Rapper Nas Delivers Fox News Petition, Says Network Is … Continue reading Sly Fox by Nas… best commentary on Faux news I’ve seen in a while.
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07/14/200807/17/2008 , , , , Hey New Yorker, it’s called Doing it WRONG.
I don”t even have any words for this.
this bullshit.
Note to the The New Yorker.
To see what I”m so livid about, go to this article in the Tribune.
Obama campaign slams New Yorker cover The art satirizes right-wing portrayals of the candidate, magazine says.
Posted July … Continue reading Hey New Yorker, it’s called Doing it WRONG.
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06/06/200806/06/2008 , , , Senator Clinton, Ask not what your country can do for you… via Kung Fu Monkey.
Via spot on LJ, Kung Fu Monkey hits the bullseye on the so-called ousting of Hillary Clinton, the misogyny of the race and the twisting of the meanings of race and misogyny in the context of this presidential race.
The post can be found here Full text after the jump: Yay, another post where I”ll … Continue reading Ask not what your country can do for you… via Kung Fu Monkey.
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05/26/2008 , , , What do whites fear about blacks?.
This is an old forum inquiry on the Tribunes”s Exploring Race forum.
The link to the actual question post is MIA (probably too old to find online) but the comments are there.
Here”s a link to the comments.
So, tell me what do you think whites fear about blacks if anything.

But for my own … Continue reading What do whites fear about blacks

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, , , ,.
LeBron James” Vogue cover called racially insensitive The cover of Vogue”s April Shape Issue features Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen.
(AP Photo / March 13, 2008) By Megan K.
Scott |The Associated Press 10:57 AM CDT, March 25, 2008 NEW YORK – When Vogue announced its April cover starring LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen, the ….
, , , , , ,.
While chatting with mister_bitters the following q&a took place.
Reposted for posterity and because well, its my journal and I think its worth posting dammit.
mister_bitters: Can I ask a stupid question.
tanyad: sure mister_bitters: I know this is stupid, but I am curious is Obama”s race has any impact on your opinion of him.
, , , , ,.
I havent had a chance to watch his speech yet, but I am impressed by the text that I”ve read.
I”m saddened by those who would demean his great words and twist them into a parody of hatred and classicism that isnt even mentioned in this speech.
I think no matter the results of this ….
, , , , ,.
A great place for well thought out, interesting and thought provoking blog posts concerning Senator Barack Obama.
Good stuff.
Go read I say.
Bloggers for Obama Good stuff, I snagged the link from comments in a thread at Karnythia”s LJ and here”s the article that Bloggers for Obama linked to that Karnythia wrote: Karnythia”s Editoria ….
, , , ,.
I”m reading Richard Wright”s Native Son for our quarterly book club at Uni.
We”ve had one meeting so far and it was pretty good.
We touched on topis such as Bigger”s lack of emotion, sense of responsibility, the way he lives in a dream world where everyone has all the stuff whites do.
Or ….
12/19/2007 , , , Jena 6, White supremacist group sues Jena, NO.
December 19, 2007   White Separatist Group Sues Town of Jena, La., Over Parade Rules A white separatist group planning a Martin Luther King Jr.
Day parade in Jena, La., is suing the town, claiming officials are violating the Constitution by asking participants not to bring firearms, changing the parade route by one block and … Continue reading White supremacist group sues Jena, NO.
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, , , , ,.
For anyone who may be a frat or soror at/alum of an HBCU.
Any thoughts on this topic.
Diverse Web Chat Please join us for an exciting Web chat discussion about the state of Black Greek Letter Organizations at 1 p.m.
EST on Wednesday, Nov.
Our panel includes: Dr.
Ricky L.
Jones, associate professor ….
, , , ,.
I get “Diverse News in Higher Education” daily.
Most of the articles are good and make sense for academia.
But the article below made my brain itch.
The gist of it is this: Dealing with and avoiding racism makes black folks crazy (sorry meant to say-creates “mental health issues”).
I pulled a whut.
09/20/200709/21/2007 , , , , From today’s Diverse Issues in Higher Education – Jena6 Protests & more….
From Diverse Online Current News Protesters Stand Up For Jena 6 and More By Tracie Powell Sep 20, 2007, 04:47 A Black West Virginia woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed and tortured, with one of her White abductors telling her, “That’s what we do to niggers around here.” Hate crime charges are yet to be filed … Continue reading From today’s Diverse Issues in Higher Education – Jena6 Protests & more….
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, , , , , ,.
Lauredhel posts about some breast surgery that isn”t breast surgery according to the docs who invented it.
2049live posted about the Twin Towers Alliance Interview [he”s working on their site] KittieKattie posted an excellent essay on that one black kid and Overt Racism being less than a generation away Karnythia posted some interesting thoughts about ….
Older posts.
Depends, are they going to be held to the same participation & activity standards to keep their partner status as e….
The mug is the “Don”t Forget to Love Each Other” Pride edition.
Unfortunately it also seems to be sol….
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I”m doing a couple things for #GenCon Online this year

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.

If I”d put everything I”m doing in one post

it would have been way too long so here”s the rest of the stuff I”m up to.
Saturday I”m getting back together with the #Vamily over at Qeueu Times for a double header of a panel and VtM game with the illustrious B.
Dave Walters presiding.
, , , , , ,.
So, I”ve already kicked off the weekend with being one of the recipients of the Diana Jones Award 2020 for recognizing Black Excellence in Games.
The full awardee list is here, and there”s also a neat piece in Polygon by Charlie Hall about this years awardees.
Next up is a WorldCon [CONZealand] panel on Worldbuilding ….
, , , , , ,.
I”m doing a couple things for #GenCon Online this year.
There will be a short clip of me talking about INDG during the opening session.
Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising Friday 1:30pm – 3:00pm CDT/2:30pm – 4:00pm EDT twitch.tv/extralife4kids “Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising” is open to EVERYONE.
When viewing the page you may ….
, , , ,.
In case you missed it, I ran a XSplit 101 session over on my Twitch channel, which is powered by XSplit.
I”m a Twitch partner, XSplit VIP and have been streaming nearly 7 years!  After the stream, I virtually sat down with Chris Slight, XSplit Content manager to have a chat about what I ….
, ,.
I”ve been getting a bit of press in the last month or so, so here it all is in one handy list.
Articles and Interviews: Go Magazine GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class of 2020 Eurogamer Pride Week: LGBT+ Streamers and the Importance of Communities TechCrunch Confronting Racial Bias in Video Games ComicBook Rivals of Waterdeep ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Get the #BlackAFRoundTable & #BlackAFSidetable vods in one handy spot.
Aka this thread.
Don”t let these conversations be the only time folks in the #TTRPG space listen to Black creators and take us seriously, and act rather than claim we”re just complaining over nothing.
What we did was labor, both emotional and literal as we ….
I got a mystery package from #Sponsor Level Up Dice.
We checked inside and there was a lovely note from Diana M as well as the following.
D20 – Dark Blue Aluminium D20 – Serpentine Jade (discontinued?) D12 – Snowflake Obsidian D10 – Bloodstone D8 – Amethyst D6 – Hematite (frontier font) D4 – Pink ….
So, as long as Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) happens I”ll still be there.
I”ll also be floating around the Level Up Dice and Wyrmwood Booths.
I”ll be on two panels, one of which I”m moderating.
Queer as a 3-Sided Die Thursday 2:30 pm WSCC 3B Industry panelists lead discussion of gender and sexuality issues in ….
Hey Friday is coming, thus another #FF will ravage the TL with loads of people tagged as someone to follow but with no context as to WHY they would be a good follow on here.
So I”m asking y”all a favor, a big one.
Instead of massive lists of folks who you think are neat ….
, , , , , , , , ,.
So I”ve gotten a bit of press recently and wanted to share it with y”all.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ubisoft Toronto to be part of the second Black Game Pros Mixer event in early February!  Check out some of the coverage and when the video of the panel is available Games ….
, , , ,.
After some thought, and a lot of stress I decided to cancel attending PAX East this year.
Trying to do both PAX and C2E2 in addition to that other opportunity (that didn”t come through) was stressing me out.
Self care is the mood for 2020 y”all, .

So I”m just doing C2E2 this year

See y”all ….
So I got Loot Crate Gaming and forgot to cancel it, then they went under in bankruptcy.

I am finally getting the last of the crates I”m owed

and there”s a lot of stuff I literally have no interest in or isn”t my fandom.

So I”m putting it all up for grabs

You cover ….
, , , , , , , , , , , ,.
It”s time again for OrcaCon in Bellevue, WA.
Join us January 10-12 for this awesome event.

I”m there in my capacity as programming and diversity coordinator

as well as a panelist.
Friday, January 10th GM”ing for New Players 4:30pm – Vancouver Room How do you give new players the best experience possible.
Hear from several ….
This thread happened mid flight cause I was super irritated by the guy next to me and not being able to sleep as I usually do.
Also due to some things that happened at Unplugged and at many, many panels I have been on before.
Original twitter thread here, what follows is a slightly edited ….
, , , , , , , , , , ,.
The diversity conversation you need, but don”t want Diversity is now a checkbox on a lot of lists rather than being about inclusion and making sure everyone is included.
Let’s get into the nitty gritty of why we need to actually be inclusive and stop checking off boxes and calling it a done deal.
, , , , , , , , , , ,.
My PAX Unplugged Schedule – 2019 edition.
Also, I Need Diverse Games is back in the Diversity Lounge.
This year we”re going to have an exclusive D20 pin designed and made by Geekify, Inc to purchase.
All proceeds keeps INDG alive and kicking.
Pins will be $15, cash or card accepted.
Not Having Racism in ….
, , , , , , , , ,.
Saturday November 16th Tanya takes her friends to Hell.
– We Mean Avernus 12:00 – 1:00pm – Rey I take some friends through a merry chase through Avernus, for a short adventure.

I”m DM”ing and bringing MercyfulDM

TwittySuch, GlitterNGoth along for the ride.
Meet and Greet – Signing Tables 1:00 pm Bring stuff I worked ….
Here’s my final PAX Dev and PAX West panel schedule.
Who can I designate to make sure I am fed and watered that Saturday.
INDG will also be in the Diversity Lounge on the 6th floor.
“Diversity Consultants: What We Do and Why You Need Us” ; Wednesday, August 28th at 2:45pm in the Fifth Avenue ….
So, Thursday I am giving one of two Insights talks at GenCon.
Along with Steve Kenson, of Green Ronin Publishing we”ll talk about Diversity by Design.
image courtesy of GenCon Me and Steve Kenson Launched in 2018, Insights is an initiative committed to sharing important stories & ideas in tabletop.
This year, our theme is ….
As some of you know, .

I”m nominated for a Hugo as part of the fine crew at Fireside Fiction

Thanks to the amazing generosity of a friend, I am able to attend WorldCon and the Hugo awards ceremony in Dublin next month.
Here is my programme schedule, all times are local Dublin time.
Creating wonderful ….
(I originally posted this on Medium, but I wanted to share it on my main site as well) I’m not beautiful… never have been and never will be.
Not in the sense most people think of beauty anyway.
The word makes me uncomfortable when applied to me.
Especially when I try to talk about how ….
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.
Here”s my current PAX Dev and PAX West panel schedule.
Will be updated with panelist and links once they go up on the PAX Site.
Who can I designate to make sure I am fed and watered that Saturday.
INDG will also be in the Diversity Lounge on the 6th floor.
I might also be ….
, , , , , , , ,.

I”m returning to BlerdCon this weekend for their 3rd event

I”m only doing two panels this time

both on Sunday morning.
You can see the full panel lineup here #BlackTwitter: Navigating and Making Social Media Work for you as a Black Nerd 10:00 am Eastern, Jefferson Room Twitter is the new watercooler, and Black Twitter ….
Tomorrow I leave on a jet plane again for a week.
This time I”m off to Los Angeles for a few days of D&D shenaniganry with (most) of my Rivals of Waterdeep family.
Brandon won”t be joining us but the amazing Erika Ishii is going to guest on our show in his place.
Here”s what ….
So, Faces of Thedas is out and one of my favorite characters isn”t in the book.
Yes, you read that correctly; Fenris is not statted out for use in a campaign either as a NPC or PC.
So, I took the format used in the book for characters getting a full spread, and applied to ….
, ,.
I will FINALLY be speaking at South By Southwest (SXSW) next weekend on March 10th, 11am AFAIK, it is not being streamed or recorded. I”m only there the 9th -11th, so if you”re in or near Austin, lemme know.
Speaking “Your Truth” vs.
“The Truth”  Speakers: Ryan Bond (Encyclopedia Brittanica), Shannon Downey (Badass Cross Stich), Mary Poffenroth ….
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Here”s my current PAX East schedule.
Until the official schedule is posted, all things are subject to change.
I Need Diverse Games will also be in the Diversity Lounge again.
None of You are Free of Sin: Gamer Crimes Friday March 29th, 5:00pm Albatross Theatre Camping at the spawn point.
Drinking BAWLS energy drink.
Hanzo ….
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Oh hey OrcaCon is this weekend.
Here”s my panel schedule y”all.
Saturday, January 12th 10:00 am Better Realism for Better Worlds: We Did the Research for You I don”t want to hear about how arm-chair “realistic” it is to default to miss-recorded Western medieval standards of race, gender, sexuality.
This panel dissects the 101 History ….
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I”m going back to MAGFest y”all

Here”s my panel schedule as part of MAGES.
Mental Health Representation in Games Thursday Jan 3rd.
4:00 pm MAGES 2 Mental health representation takes many forms in games, and can be helpful or harmful.
Games like Hellblade explicitly address psychosis through the use of sound and mechanics, and are ….
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I’m pleased to share I’m eligible for consideration for the Hugo Awards in a few categories for works created in 2018.
I edited Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins a collection of essays in which POC, LGBTQIA, and other gamers with marginalized identities, shared their personal stories about what it’s like being part ….
A reflection on three years.
I tweeted this out late on December 10th, on the actual anniversary of losing my day job and reflecting on three years of self employment and doing this full time.
It”s a bit more personal than I usually get but I would not be here with your support.  “Three years ago ….
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I got a chance to play Thing Trunk”s Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers thank you to Chris Priestly at Evolve PR for providing a review key.
It”s a fun Rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitch integration well.
Your viewers can help or hinder you as you make your way through each dungeon level.
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Disclosure: I was asked to use VCam by XSplit, and provided a Logitech C922 webcam + One Year Premium XSplit license.
So #Sponsored content ahead.
It”s good, I promise ???? For those of you that stream, XSplit released a green screen application, VCam that lets you have a virtual greenscreen or background image instead of ….
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TwitchCon vods aren”t yet separated out into individual panels, but I”ve gotten the links and the time stamps for y”all.
Come Watch My Stream and Other Things Not to Say.
Watch here: 0:00hr – 1hr:15min mark Welcome to a panel designed to educate streamers, viewers, and everyone in-between on the dos and don’ts of ….
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My PAX Unplugged panel schedule so far.
Not Having Racism in Your Campaign, Settings, or Table Friday 1:30 pm Leviathan Theatre Tabletop is growing and expanding, and with it there’s an increased need for diversity at the table.
Let’s talk frankly about why racism at the table shouldn’t be a thing you do as a ….
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A tweet from @curlyfro about folks not inviting themselves along put me in the mind of convention etiquette and how that happens a lot.
Since TwitchCon is coming, have a post no one asked for.
???? First some basic stuff: Take a shower, change clothes and have gum or mints on you.
Brush your teeth, ….
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So on November 12th, 2017 I got partnered on Twitch.
A year has flown by already y”all.
Still growing the channel and trying to hit some sub goals by the end of this anniversary month.
So I”m doing a sub-athon for the month of November.
I”m also traveling Nov 1-4 so the subathon may start ….
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I”m honored to give the Saturday Keynote address at this year”s Different Games Conference.  Why Inclusion is Required, and Diversity is Not Enough Tanya DePass Often times we talk about diversity and inclusion but we don’t grasp what it means beyond the 101 level conversation. Diversity has been reduced to a meaningless buzz word to many, and inclusion is not ….
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I Need Diverse Games is part of ….
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I couldn”t sleep so a wee thread (inspired by KrystinaArielle) on D&D.
Photo by Gregtito and missing from our crew is StubbyStan who was away this week.
D&D is and has been important to me in a way videogames aren’t.
It let my wild imagination run free and helped me form worlds & stories where ….
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If the text is not readable, it’s an email I got after GenCon, shared with permission from the sender.
Hey Tanya.
Holy shit.
I just wanted to thank you for being at Gen Con.
It was my first time at the convention, and as a QWoC in game design interested in making my move into ….
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Here you go, here”s where you can find me at PAX Dev & PAX West 8/28-9/3 I”m on one panel at PAX Dev  Interrogating Your Aspirations – Tuesday 8/28 3:45 pm Fifth Avenue Room Are your inspirations saying more about your work than you mean.
Are tired tropes dropping decades of baggage in your game.
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Time has snuck up on me and GenCon is around the corner.
So here”s my panel schedule.
I”ll be around the con, not currently scheduled to play any games so if you want to meet up or get food or a drink, message me via Twitter DM or other means if you have it.
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My next convention I”m paneling at is BlerdCon in VA

Here”s where you can find me on panels that weekend of July 27-29, 2018 Friday July 27th How to Stream Your Tabletop Sessions – Friday 5:30 to 6:30 pm Tabletop sessions are full of “you had to be there” roleplaying moments, so why not share them as ….
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As it’s near the end of the month, and things are a bit tight around chez Cypher, here’s a list of ways to support my work, if you like what I do in gaming around diversity & inclusion.
Patreon is always easy and you can support me for as little as $1 a month!patreon.com/cypheroftyr If ….
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Why is this anthology necessary.
Because too often voices of those society marginalizes are left out of the bigger conversation around gaming, the industry, those that cover it and discuss it.
Those that live, eat and breathe gaming are often ignored in favor of the assumed default.
This is a chance for people to ….
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ICYMI – A bunch of stuff has happened lately, or rather that NDA life has eased up a little.
First off, Game Devs and Others: Tales from the Margins has a cover.
Done by Alex Croft (who you should totally support on Patreon)  The release date has changed on Amazon from June 8 to June ….
Depends, are they going to be held to the same participation & activity standards to keep their partner status as e… 57 minutes ago.
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