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Status: Anonymous   You have:.
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SIGN UP Pr3ttyp1nkp.
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10 months ago BeatDrop play list which contains

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Elliotttate started the topic Playlists Getting Started Guide in the forum 123 Playlistpinned post 2 years, .

1 month ago Here’s a tutorial on using BeatDrop Playlists for Beat Saber

HyperSilver69 2 weeks, 1 day ago Hey, i made a playlist with the top 20 Ranked songs.
This is volume 1/5 so ye enjoy.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/wnhcp512g0o4qw3/top_ranked_volume_1.bplist/file top_ranked_volume_1 MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.
TheGrifer1337 1 month, 3 weeks ago Here is an playlist for getting better in beatsaber https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AeYKoid58cfIUyU_VrxzWB-Xgfjdin1p/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AeYKoid58cfIUyU_VrxzWB-Xgfjdin1p/view?usp=sharing https://www.google.com/sorry/index?continue=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AeYKoid58cfIUyU_VrxzWB-Xgfjdin1p/view%3Fusp%3Dsharing&q=EgSQyhoNGIvztPgFIhkA8aeDS4lF2_xc6sSv3tdBxFoexPIaIJThMgFyShFTT1JSWV9JU1BfTUVTU0FHRQ.
rubiksmaster02 1 month, 3 weeks ago Every ranked beatmap on ScoreSaber.
Playlists will be updated weekly.
Playlists are boken into different grouping dependign on the playlist style that you want.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13VyIK99nZFeKok3yWOU0RRZ4o-SE_8w7?usp=sharing If you are in any of the main beatsaber discords, the mods can vouch for this.
I also included the…Read More.
parapass 3 months, 3 weeks ago To everybody who has been having issues with BeatDrop: BeatMods and BeatSaver underwent API changes that don’t allow BeatDrop to download from the BeatSaver/BeatMods servers anymore.
Instead of coming here and complaining about it, why not use ModAssistant/Beatlist.
They both support the new API changes.
As of Beatdrop’s current state, it’s a…Read More.
thegreatlostcharactr 4 months, 2 weeks ago My playlist.
n/a download.
Richard173 started the topic BeatDrop Not Working, Help.
in the forum 5 months ago Hi, I’ve download Beat drop last weekend it worked great for a few days, as of Wednesday it doesn’t refresh the songs and no matter what song I wanna download it give me an error saying “there may have been an error with BeatSaver’s servers or the song is no longer available” Some Help would be nice so i can start downloading new songs again.
Comment Fragarach4 months ago I have this too.
Perhaps broken.
Download songs individually unfortunately, manually paste into folder, reassign Beat Saber folder in BeatDrop to update.
That’s the work around.
Crusader17 5 months ago Hey so recently ive download 7 songs and it was successfully downloaded ans i wanted to download more songs but it randomly said i couldn’t download more songs I NEED HELP NOW.
ethandestroyer6 5 months, 2 weeks ago So I uploaded a map and fro soem reason its a little laggy in the beginning but imporves like a minute into the songand ive tried a lot of things didnt work i used beatmapper do the level i tried to use mediocore mapper but for some reaon it wasnt working for me if anyone wants to help me with this that would be great Comment Fragarach4 months ago It’s not the thing where you need SteamVR running on top on your desktop.
5 months, 3 weeks ago I have updated my wallmap playlist.
there are currently 84 maps have fun ???? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ECRmvHq2Ex70sHNIkaL_OcN2cV50QcDY have you more Wall maps pleas send me a PN ???? Comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago Oh nice.
Is this pretty comprehensive.
Maybe we can make this a featured curated playlist.
SuperAdam92 5 months, 3 weeks ago Hello, I’m new to beastsaber so its probably right in front of me, but dose anyone know how i could become a curator.
Comments @SuperAdam92 Thanks for your interest in curating.
Can you send me a PM in Discord.
SuperAdam92 Sure.
My username is, SuperAdam #3689.
Whiistled started the topic Not on-topic considering playlists, but I need help in the forum 6 months, 2 weeks ago I didn’t really find anywhere else to ask, but I will keep this short.
Whenever I search for songs on beatdrop and click on “New songs” It just infinitely loads, and it really sucks because now I cannot see what’s new.
Comment @Whiistled if you’re having issues with BeatDrop, you might want to try BeatList instead https://github.com/Alaanor/beatlist.
Irishgamar 6 months, 2 weeks ago Alright you guys, Ive just made my first song, super proud of it.
Cant figure out how to upload it on to the site.
I feel like its right in front of me and Im just not seeing it.
Comment Upload it to beatsaver.com.
The two sites are linked and it’ll automatically sync over.
Official_iTrex 7 months, 1 week ago hello, sorry for dumb question.
I just made my first beat saber map using the in-game map maker.
Do i have to manually put it up so anyone can download it.
Or does it do that automatically.
Thanks for and responses.
New to this.
Comment You’ll need to manually upload it to beatsaver.com.
Funky Punky 7 months, 3 weeks ago Here is a playlist of my favorite Electro Swing Maps in Beat Saber.
These are basically the Songs, that show up when you search for “Electro Swing”, but i played all of them and took the best to create this playlist.
electroswing.zip 50.85 KB download +3.
Royalcows9 9 months, 2 weeks ago Wish you could easuly get all of Benny’s songs in one place.
Well now you (probably) can.
I’ll try to make new verisons every few months, but no garuntees.
If I’m missing somtheing, .

Hit me up on discord at Cobular (pound) 5105 Benny”sSongs.zip 8.71 KB download

ExaltedFenix 10 months, .

2 weeks ago PopularWesternSongs.zip 139.71 KB download

11 months ago Update der Wallmap Playlist von mir / Update the Wallmap Playlist by me Ich hoffe sie gefällt euch / I hope you like it Enthalten Sind 51 Karten in vorm von Wall- Spezial- und Visuelmaps / Included are 51 cards in front of Wall Special and Visuelmaps Viel Spaß / Have fun Beni1194 ???? WallandSpezialMaps V2.zip 376.87 KB download.
11 months, 3 weeks ago [ESP] ¡Hola a todos.
He visto que mucha gente se unió a nuestro server de [Beat Saber España] gracias a un post que publiqué hace 5 meses sobre un torneo que hicimos.
Os dejo directamente el link del server por aquí: [ENG] Hi everyone.
A few months ago, I published some news about our Spanish Server Tour…Read More Beat Saber España Server de Beat Saber para jugadores/as españoles/as.
Compartimos consejos, links importantes y hacemos un poco el tonto.
11 months, 3 weeks ago Dies ist meine Playlist über folgende Maps / This is my playlist via the following maps: – Wandkarten – Spezialkarten – Visuelle Karten Enthalten sind folgende 39 Songs / Included are the following 39 songs: — Visual maps — – Centipede (Visual) – The Empress (Visual) — Wall- and Spezial maps — – Under the Sea – Go Bang – Cross + Revolu…Read More WallandSpezialMaps.zip 376.59 KB download.
pokerobplays 1 year ago Hoe go i create a playlist so i can redownload my songs after the update Comment pokerobplays1 year ago how*.
BeigeAnimal 1 year ago Around 50 despacito maps, Most/if not all of them are pretty good.
Despacito.zip 51.9 KB download.
Marcus Buccellato started the topic Bandoot Playlist.
in the forum 1 year ago Does anyone know if there is a Bandoot playlist out there.
Thank you.
Flewrider 1 year, 2 months ago Yeah so I just created this thing that automatically updates the TopPP playlist every 6 hours.
Dependent only on Scoresaber and Beatsaver data so it should be the most correct Playlist.
Look at the Info tab for the download Link ???? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Iu7gW1PiGSfgbDGoC5AHmM5oUriiceKY3P-xjp17nM/edit?usp=sharing RankedMaps INFO Hey there.
My name is Flewrider and I\”m some random dude who likes to automate stuff.
Thats why I build you this tool.
In the sheet called PP songs you can see a Table of the Top Ranked Songs up to date every 6 hours.
Difficulties are NOT split.
Only highest ranked difficulty gets count.
docs.google.com +2.
1 year, 4 months ago Hello everyone, In our Spanish Discord server, we’re doing a tournament just for fun.
I wanted to upload our playlist here.
but instead (because this website’s security doesn’t allow me to do so) I’m posting a photo of it: Comments LuaPanic You got an invite link for this server.
????What was it doing when you tried to upload it.
I don’t quite understand your question but I couldn’t upload a PDF of the event (maybe ’cause I haven’t reached a verrfied account yet).
???? It didn’t allow me to do so.
Sorry, not a PDF but a playlist type of file.
Here’s the link: Sorry if I haven’t answered.
pasky1980 Hi, can you send me an invitation for that discord group in Spanish.
Yes, here’s the link:.
1 year, 4 months ago An updated playlist of EVERY Beat Saber song out.
Use the Mod Installer to download them: https://bsaber.com/PlaylistAPI/EverySongOnBeatsaver4-23-19.bplist ALL Beat Saber maps Every song out bsaber.com.
1 year, 4 months ago I have a technical issue with beatdrop, is this where i can maybe find a hand.
4 Comments Are you still having issues with it.
I just tried it again for the first time in a few days, right back to”Scanning for songs…” That bug should be fixed in the next update.
For now, just run this: https://bsaber.com/bdrop/ClearBeatDrop.bat It deletes your BeatDrop config file to fix that scanning loop bug.
Thanks so much.
worked like a charm.
silentnight 1 year, 4 months ago In celebration of Joker in Smash here’s a Persona playlist.
All maps are of excellent quality, but you can install the bonus maps playlist if you want some that are playable but not good enough to be in the main playlist.
Default sort is newest to oldest appearance in the series.

Persona Playlist 4-17-19.zip 209.94 KB download

Razorblade 1 year, 5 months ago Just a small meme playlist The Four Horsemen of the Beatpocalypse.zip 176.71 KB download.
1 year, 6 months ago A playlist of EVERY song on Beatsaver.
Careful about just double clicking it as it’ll automatically start downloading a LOT of songs and use up 12+ GBs.
You’ve been warned.
???? n/a download Comments TheDocMods Link is dead ???? Oops, sorry about that.
Here is a working link: https://bsaber.com/PlaylistAPI/EverySongOnBeatsaver.bplist TheDocMods A million thanks to you kind sir.
Oscarblok1 year, 5 months ago download this if you want to crash your pc.
Swoozle Will you be making an updated version of this.
Looking forward to one.
msd_10 1 year, 7 months ago If anyone is good at mapping, i think a really cool song to play would be Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
I would really appreciate it ????.
Nsviper 1 year, 9 months ago Trying to use BeatDrop for 1st time, but all my snigs are showing in list as “Incorrect File/Folder name” – help.
Comment 1 year, 9 months ago It does that if all your songs are in the old folder format (not in songID folders).
If you DM me on Discord, I can help you get your library converted over to the new format.
1 year, 9 months ago Here’s the latest top 200 PP maps sorted in order of PP as of 12/2/2018.
Have fun!.

Top200PPMaps.zip 83.8 KB download +4

1 year, 10 months ago Happy Halloween everyone!.
Here’s Halloween With Flow Vol.
1 https://bsaber.com/halloween-with-flow-vol-1/ Enjoy.
1 year, 10 months ago Here’s a top 150 ranked playlist in case you don’t want to download so many Top_150_Ranked.zip 26.02 KB download Comments aggrogahu A lot of these just recently became unranked, yeah.
Would it be convenient to make updated playlist.
Yeah, I’ll run it in the morning.
1 year, 10 months ago Here’s two playlists: one is the top 500 ranked songs the other is the top 1500 ranked (get some coffee while that baby is downloading).
@stumi I wrote a script to generate this from Duo’s scapes.
Let me know if you need it.
Top Ranked.zip 90.18 KB download Comment Stumi Thank you @elliotttate.
Was hoping someone would make a bot for this.
Saves me having to do it manually every month ????.
FeverishPegasus 1 year, 10 months ago Someone needs to make a Lord of the Rings playlist Comments TheLesserGatsby Yes!.
@kingpeuche we have a favor to ask of you… ???? KingPeuche5 months, 2 weeks ago LOL.
Just saw this.
1 year, 10 months ago Songs with Fantastic Flow Volume 3.
I forgot to post this here too.
https://bsaber.com/songs-with-fantastic-flow-vol-3/ Going to be releasing Vol 4 really soon.
1 year, 10 months ago A playlist of every song out (5,230 maps.
Something like 3 and a half weeks straight of music).
Use this to fix any issues with BeatDrop not downloading all songs or you can even load this playlist and download every song without BeatDrop using the in-game songDownloader plugin AllSongs.zip 142.86 KB download.
ashleyriott 1 year, 10 months ago BeatDrop play list which contains, in descending chronological order, all released maps (as of 11th September 18) by Roeek.
roeek_chart_history_newest_to_oldest.zip 21.65 KB download.
ashleyriott 1 year, 10 months ago BeatDrop play list which contains, in descending chronological order, all released maps (as of 30th September 18) by Krydar.
krydar_chart_history_newest_to_oldest.zip 21.76 KB download.
INTERNETEMPEROR 1 year, 11 months ago TRASH MEMES AND COMEDY SONGS V1.1 A nightmare playlist of all every meme, in-joke, funny, trash, troll song on the entire website.
This is a playlist is an abomination to man, EXCEPT NOW IT HAS 400 SONGS.
???? welcome-to-hell-meme-trash.zip 28.37 KB download.
purplehayes 1 year, 11 months ago Made a beginner playlist for my friend.
Figured I’d share.
For those in the community that don’t like weeb songs, I kept them to a minimum, and the only non-english one is the Attack on Titan theme.

Beginner Beaters.zip 34.73 KB download

purplehayes 1 year, 11 months ago Someone put in an insane amount of work sorting through every song in the catalog, so I made a playlist of their suggestions.
Here’s the link to the post to give the person who did all the work some credit:…Read More Reddit Shuffle.zip 12.5 KB download r/beatsaber – beatsaver best songs brute force 18th September 2018 36 votes and 16 comments so far on Reddit http://www.reddit.com.
Todokete 1 year, 11 months ago A vocaloid song pack with 8 songs, difficulties down to normal, manual lighting, and a cool video for it right here: https://youtu.be/1LGgBx5wbzY Have You Heard of Hatsune Miku.zip 62.69 KB download Beat Saber Song Pack – Have You Heard of Hatsune Miku.
All songs have expert, hard, and normal difficulties, and full manual lighting.
Also I built Hard and Normal pretty much entirely from the ground up this tim.
Dubbled22 1 year, 11 months ago Hey, i Created an extra 75 songs to PP Farm, .

In All are Ranked Songs 75 Extra Ranked Songs.zip 25.98 KB download

INTERNETEMPEROR 1 year, 11 months ago TRASH MEMES AND COMEDY SONGS 1.0.0 A nightmare playlist of all every meme, in-joke, funny, trash, troll song on the entire website 1.0.0 version.
This is a playlist is an abomination to man.

???? Trash Memes and Comedy Songs 1.0.0.zip 26.39 KB download

Flewrider 1 year, 12 months ago So on regards of pushing the playlist function forward because its pretty neat I thought I’d make a Playlist with the hardest songs I find.
Thanks to all the people on Beatsaber Modding Discord for suggesting songs.
Currently, there are 24 songs in playlist version 1.0.
When people suggest more songs I’m going to keep updating the…Read More UltraHardSongsPlaylist_v1.zip 67.29 KB download.
Agoza 2 years ago So this is what we currently have in the song pool for an upcoming tournament; Beat Saber Elements.
It is going to happen this weekend (tentatively) so this is for you to familiarize yourself with the songs before watching gameplays at a high level ???? Beat Saber Elements R1~R5.zip 23.86 KB download.
Klouder 2 years ago I have attempted to make a playlist for the beginner players, or the players that like to take it easy.
All these songs have good flow, aren’t too hard, and are nice to play, so i hope you enjoy.
Some of the songs include: – Uptown Funk – Always – Conqueror – When Can I See You Again – Icarus And 6 more.

First Step For Beginners.zip 15.37 KB download

epicewok 2 years ago Greetings People of the /bsaber domain.
I just wanted to share a simple fact with you all: I LOVE Monstercat.
Hands down one of the coolest music labels out there with the best artists, and naturally the best songs.
It should be no surprise that some of the loyal fans (myself included) have gone about mapping a few songs from the label for…Read More Monstercat_BeatSaber.zip 101.79 KB download Comment Oooh, I’m also a hugeMonstercat fan too.
Nice work, thanks!.
2 years ago Songs WIth Fantastic Flow Volume 2!.
I’ve been wanting to do the Volume 2 for song long now, but have been so busy.
The great song list kept stacking up and there was enough songs for a Volume 3 that I’ll be releasing tomorrow.
FantasticFlowVol2.zip 70.86 KB download 3 Comments Thanks on your 24 song 10 was missing in my playlist thanks i will discover them with great pleasure.
aveldina I have been loving this list, thanks for putting it together.
Thanks for letting me know!.
I plan on putting together Vol.
3 tomorrow.
Klouder 2 years ago I present Pupper Favorites.
Just a simple playlist of some of my favorite songs I’ve encountered so far e2a177ca-19d7-430f-86a1-ea38718461a8.zip 16.53 KB download Comment Ooh, I’m SUPER excited to try this one!.

2 years ago When I downloaded BeatDrop

I put in the correct folder for where I intalled BeatSaber, but all of my songs in the “My Songs” section, say: “Incorrect File/Folder Name” Can Anybody Help me.
Comments @xander Sorry.
I missed seeing this.
Did you ever get it fixed.
It’ll say this if you are using the old discontinued folder structure.
Try renaming your “CustomSongs” folder to “CustomSongsOld,” create a new “CustomSongs” folder and try downloadng some songs freshly like that.
That error should go away and you can see how the new folder structure…Read More Yeah I did fix it.
What I did was just copy all of the songs I had.
delete the custom songs folder, make a new custom songs folder, and put the songs back in.
Okay, glad you got it.
Alex Cherem @xander so how exactly did you do it.
I just coppied all of the folders in the CustomSongs folder and Pasted them onto a new CustomSongs folder I made and deleted the original.
Everything is exactly the same.
@acherem13 Do your folder have the songID’s in them.
Should say 2732-1853, then within that folder should be your song name.
Something like that.
If not, go in explorer and select all the song folders, copy that to the clipboard and send it to me.
I can generate a playlist from that list and you can just hit download and it will download it in the…Read More Alex Cherem Somebody else on the discord actually helped me figurte it out.
the problem was that some folders just had the names and no song ID’s.
I just had to delete those and redownload them via the Beatdrop app.
Previously I was using the Beatsaver Mod Manger.
Okay, good.
The in-game Downloader mod also uses that newer folder structure now if you still want to use that with Beat Drop.
2 years ago When I downloaded BeatDrop, I put in the correct folder for where I intalled BeatSaber, but all of my songs in the “My Songs” section, say: “Incorrect File/Folder Name” Can Anybody Help me.
2 years ago Weeb saber, ok so I apperantly can’t upload a playlist because I get it wrong every time Weeb saber v2.zip 10.9 KB download 3 Comments Some really fun ones in there.
Thanks for sharing!.
Even if some map are not to my taste, i was searching fo jpop and anime music.
Thanks to you there are some great one in your list.
x Kyoto Black – Kodokushi is a perfect exemple this one is so damn good i made a review on the site instantly.
^^ Glad you enjoyed it.
I just put all the anime songs I had (a lot of them) into a playlist, I didn’t really put work into it so it wasn’t very good.
2 years ago Weeb saber, now updated with no errors and 222 songs.

Weeb saber.zip 21.76 KB download

Quinn2018 2 years ago Here is my workout playlist.
All songs have a great flow and are fun to play.
No random 1000 tiles coming at you.
The songs difficulty are between hard and expert (low) so mostly no wrist twister in this playlist.
All of the songs will get your heart beating for a good workout.(rasputin up to 150 heart bpm) (well i am a big dude, it…Read More Workout with a flow.zip 22.67 KB download Comments Thanks for giving permission to feature it on the front page.
Here is the link: https://bsaber.com/workout-flow/.
watar Great collection, lots of fun maps.
katzanova 2 years, 1 month ago Thought I would share my playlist consisting of fun but challenging songs.
I hope you like it.

UpForAChallenge.zip 5.09 KB download Comments Hey

@katzanova I just noticed that your playlist was also created with songs in your CustomSongs folder that has the discontinued file type.
I updated your playlist here for BeatDrop so that others can download it (it’ll give 404 errors with yours).
https://bsaber.com/bdrop/Playlists/UpForAChallenge.zip katzanova Thank you Elliotttate!????.
2 years, 1 month ago The p!anic at the disco playlist f4cb188b-8076-4051-a7c3-4accbbd36235.zip 21.81 KB download.
Donne 2 years, 1 month ago 2018 INVITATIONAL PLAYLIST be sure to unzip!and place in the beatdrop playlist folder.
Beat Saber Invitation June 2018.zip 21.74 KB download Comment Thanks @donne works really well.
2 years, 1 month ago Songs With Fantastic Flow Vol.
1 in BeatDrop format (I’ll be releasing volume 2 tomorrow!!) SongsWithFantasticFlowVol1.zip 22.5 KB download Comments I Love your Playlist Waiting for Volume 2 ^^ @fridoune Vol 2 is out!.
description This is a place where anyone can share awesome Beat Saber playlists.
To use playlists, copy the playlist JSON file into your game directory in the “Playlists” folder.
In game where you select your maps to play, you”ll notice a “Playlists” tab.
First, select download, then you”re ready to play the playlist.
You can also download BeatList to manage your library and create your own playlists.
Group Moderators.
Donne @donne Search Most Viewed.
6 days ago.
6 days ago.
5 days ago 1432 views.
5 days ago.
7 days ago.

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Biodico holds a firm commitment to ongoing R&D and utilization of state of the art technologies and internal discovery to produce alternative energy solutions in the cleanest and most efficient way possible.
Experienced Past…Bright Future.
B iodico President & Founder, Russ Teall, was involved in the biodiesel industry in a legislative capacity from the inception of the biodiesel industry in the US in 1993.  The first National Biodiesel Board annual conference, an event which now draws thousands of people and features a convention center expo floor, consisted of a couple of dozen people discussing plans for the new alternative energy industry.
Most people and organizations were focused on a petroleum refinery model of biodiesel production, centralized facilities with hundreds of millions of gallons of production capacity bringing in a single type of oil from a wide and disparate area and redistributing the fuel to a similarly disparate area.
After several years in biodiesel, Russ saw that, while the biodiesel industry shared many similarities with the petroleum industry, there were also some important differences.  Biodiesel can be made out of a wide variety of different fats and oils rather than just a crude oil byproduct.
Russ saw the need for decentralized modular production facilities that were able to run on whatever were available in the region.

Then called Biodiesel Industries

began commercial production of biodiesel at a three million gallon facility in Las Vegas in 2000 utilizing waste cooking oil from the city and surrounding suburbs.  Since then, production facilities have been built for clients in Colorado, Texas, and Australia.
The name change from Biodiesel Industries to Biodico came about as the company expanded its focus from biodiesel production alone to the integration of other types of renewable energy solutions.
Explore pictures and video of Biodico’s projects as well as press releases about the company and other important company news, updates and highlights from the frontlines of the renewable energy industry.
Biodico provides comprehensive internship programs in a fast-paced laboratory setting. For more information about volunteer internships for college students please email [email protected]


Biodico collects waste cooking oil throughout the California Central Coast, Los Angeles, and the Southwest San Joaquin Valley for conversion to biodiesel fuel.

More info April 10

2017 By Biodico.
April 10, 2017 By Biodico.
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Advance Detection and Response.
Next Generation 9-1-1.
Press Releases.
6 August 2020.
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IGNITE your career in technology Head in the cloud

feet on the ground Learn more & apply now.
Trusted Partner for your Digital Journey.
Digital Transformer s.
Keep vital operating system s current.
Agrochemical company provides better user experiences with 80% fewer system failures and increased cybersecurity .
Learn more >.
Mainframe as a public service .
The Georgia Technology Authority realized a cost savings of over 30% helping to fund enhanced cyber security for state agencies.
Learn more >.
Answering the call for next-gen 9-1-1.
County agency’s new emergency response system halved its network management costs.
Learn more >.
Industry Transformers.
On-Demand WebinarsAtos helps keep you connected in current and future work-at-home conditions.
As the marketplace cautiously emerges from lockdowns and quarantines, Atos continues to offer expertise and tools to help all our clients maintain business service continuity for the duration of this crisis.
Select from several planned and/or recorded webinars to hear expert commentary on remote workforce topics like maximizing operational efficiency, boosting work collaboration, ensuring security and many more.
WATCH NOW Podcast SeriesIntelligent automation: Myriad applications in financial services.
Listen to Rahul Jain, Chief Architect for Atos, discuss how intelligent automation helps financial services firms stay competitive in a complex environment.
(Part 3 of 5) LISTEN IN BlogThe value of a diverse workforce in inclusive AI development.
This article explores how embedding ethical reflection into the design of digital technologies can lead to genuine benefits for customers and citizens.
READ MORE VideoAtos Cloud for Healthcare.
IT in the healthcare world is evolving.

New digital capabilities including Internet of Things Big Data

cognitive technologies and real-time processing are unlocking a new wave of precision medicine and data-driven medical research.

WATCH NOW BrochureDrive innovation and growth with continuous modernization

If your financial operations rely on outdated applications that have been patched over the years to support business needs, .

Review Atos’ continuous modernization approach for digital agility

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Customer Testimonial – Dean Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Georgia Technology Authority.
Customer Testimonial – Dave Allen, Chief Information Security Officer, Georgia Technology Authority.
Read previous press releases August 6, 2020 July 27, 2020 NEWS.
Reston security firm acquired by French company.
June 25, 2020Atos acquires MSSP, MDR Cybersecurity Provider Paladion.
June 24, 2020Europe’s Gaia-X Counters Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.
June 5, .

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A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling watch trailer.
RPG with mature story watch cinematic intro.
Watch the news subscribe Platform: Game features.

All features Latest News

Ash of Gods Released.
For a long time already we have been together, uo to this momentous moment.
Some of you were with us from the very beginning, someone has joined recently, but we are very grateful to everyone for their support and interest in our game, which.

All News Media

Show More people say about us “Lavish-looking Banner Saga-like” RPG Codex.
“Very beautiful game from what i see.
Keep up the good work!” Arnie Jorgensen, Stoic (The Banner Saga).

“Ash of Gods looks like a fascinating RPG with first-class storytelling

refined moral choices and captivating hand-drawn visuals.
Can”t wait to play it.” Andrej Vojtas, Poetic Studio (Sacred Fire).
unfortunately, that”s up for Buka then.
It was our publisher”s decision.
from via Working on an intro cinematic for a new PC title set in the world of Ash of Gods.
Follow us to keep yourself updated.
from via Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members can play Ash of Gods: Redemption for free from Thursday, July 16 at 12:01 AM PDT until Sunday, July 19 at 11:59 PM PDT.
Read more: from via Hey folks.

We are working hard to deliver a great demo of Arena for Steam Summer Festival

Learn more about our progress: from via Meantime

we released a gameplay trailer for Ash of Gods: Arena from via ESRB: TEEN.
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2017 – Aquatic Informatics Inc.

News Releases.

Aquatic Informatics Joins Danaher’s Water Quality Platform

Aquatic Informatics Inc.
has been acquired by Danaher’s Water Quality platform from XPV Water Partners.
Aquatic Informatics provides software solutions that address critical water data management, analytics, and compliance challenges for the global water industry.
The business is the trusted provider of water management solutions to over 1,000 organizations around the world that collect, manage, and make decisions with large volumes of water data.
July 14, 2020.
New Linko Cloud Service for Streamlining FOG Management & Compliance.
Aquatic Informatics launches a new web-based version of Linko to automate cumbersome tasks and ensure compliance for the management of FOG.
July 8, 2020.

Aquatic Informatics Expands Municipal Digital Water Portfolio

Strategic Acquisition of Tokay Software Strengthens Aquatic Informatics’ Position as the World’s Largest Water Data Management Company Vancouver, Canada – May.
May 29, 2019.
Nebraska Department of Natural Resources Partners with Aquatic Informatics to Modernize Their Stream Gaging Tools and Processes.
Nebraska DNR Selects AQUARIUS for their continuous water data management.
Vancouver, Canada, May 16, 2019 – Aquatic Informatics, the global leader in.
May 16, 2019.
Aquatic Informatics Announced as Finalist for BC Export Award in Clean Technology Category.
Vancouver, Canada – November 1, 2018 – Business in Vancouver selects Aquatic Informatics as candidate for distinguished award to be handed out at 2018 BC Export Awards.
November 1, 2018.
South Australia Selects Aquatic Informatics for New Strategic Water Information Management System.
September 26, 2018 – The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) will replace its Hydstra solution with AQUARIUS to enable more efficient access to data for stakeholders across South Australia.
September 26, 2018.

Aquatic Informatics Successfully Re-Certifies for Prestigious B Corporation Certification

September 11, 2018 – The largest water data management company in the world continues to be counted among “best for the world.”.
September 11, 2018.
XPV Water Partners Invests In Metasphere Ltd.
August 30, 2018 – XPV Water Partners further expands its portfolio of companies worldwide with an investment in Metasphere Ltd.
August 30, 2018.

Aquatic Informatics Welcomes James Reyes as Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing

August 23, 2018 – Former Active Network executive joins leading water data platform to drive the company through a new phase of growth.
August 23, 2018.
XPV Water Partners Invests in Mobiltex Data Ltd.
August 16, 2018 – XPV Water Partners expands its portfolio of companies worldwide with an investment in Mobiltex Data Ltd.
August 17, 2018.

Aquatic Informatics Expands Chris Misson’s Role as Product Manager

June 26, 2018 – Chris Misson”s product management responsibilities have been expanded to include the AQUARIUS Time-Series, WebPortal, Forecast, EnviroSCADA, and Connect products.
June 26, 2018.

Where Will Aquatic Informatics Be Next

June 4, .

2018 – Keep up with Aquatic Informatics

We”re excited to be attending the following conferences this summer, fall, and winter.
June 4, 2018.

More News Releases Media Coverage

Stormwater – Caring for Coral.
August 2020 – Monitoring, analyzing, and sharing urban runoff data is the first step to reducing environmental impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.
AQUARIUS gives Cairns Regional Council flexible, functional tools to make evidence-based decisions using automated up-to-date environmental data like nutrients, sediments, and flow to determine water quality.
Read More Storm Water Solutions – Optimizing Data Intelligence Helps Orlando During Heavy Rain Events.
June 5, 2020 – The city of Orlando Streets and Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining and improving drainage facilities to prevent flooding and ensure all receiving water bodies meet state and federal water quality standards.
As Orlando measured heavy rainfall events, the city’s Streets and Stormwater Division began to look for ways to turn its data into an actionable asset.
They implemented AQUARIUS to manage their data and publish information to all stakeholders.
Read More Water Finance & Management Magazine – Harnessing Data to Solve Global Water Challenges in Water Finance Management.
June 2020 – 4 Key Data Management Milestones to Ensure Water Sustainability.
With the global populations expected to hit 8.5 billion in the next 10 years, the demand for water is rising inexorably.
Many areas of the world are already facing water shortages or water that’s unsafe for human consumption.

Aquatic Informatics enables water treatment plants to acquire

process, model and publish high-quality data and streamline compliance by sharing with stakeholders.
Read More Treatment Plant Operators – Digital Monitoring With AQUARIUS Helps a Management District Ensure the Sustainable Use of Water.
May 2020 – Water quality monitoring is an important function at the St.
Johns River Water Management District, one of five water management districts in Florida. As an environmental regulatory agency, the district focuses on protecting natural resources and ensuring the sustainable use of water to benefit residents of the district and the state.
AQUARIUS analytics software platform helps them enhance operational efficiencies while improving visibility into water-quality data.
Read More BC Tech – Aquatic Informatics Named Finalist in BC Tech 2020 Technology Impact Awards.
April 28, 2020 – “Purpose” theme of TIAs is particularly fitting given the tech community’s response to COVID-19.
With British Columbia’s tech community uniting like never before amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the BC Tech Association (BC Tech) is especially proud to announce the finalists for the 2020 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs). Read More WaterWorld – SD1 Cleans Up Compliance in Kentucky with Linko.
March, 2020 – For more than 70 years, Sanitation District No.
1 (SD1) has managed Northern Kentucky’s wastewater and stormwater and is committed to keeping the area’s rivers clean.
Linko, a compliance management software by Aquatic Informatics, has helped SD1 stay in compliance while streamlining the utility’s reporting process.
Read More Mediacorp – Aquatic Informatics one of BC’s Top Employers for 2020.
February 19, 2020 – BC employers are working harder than ever to attract and retain talented people in Canada’s most competitive labour market.
The most innovative of these organizations were recognized today, as BC’s Top Employers for 2020 were announced by Mediacorp Canada Inc., organizers of the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition.
Read More Business Wire – CIBC Innovation Banking Provides Water Data Management Software Provider, Aquatic Informatics, With $8 Million Growth Capital Financing to Support Expansion.
January 21, 2020 – CIBC Innovation Banking is pleased to announce an $8 million debt financing with Aquatic Informatics Inc., a leader in water data management and analytics.
The capital will be used by the company to support growth, including strategic acquisitions.
Read More BC Tech Blog – Spotlight on Aquatic Informatics Inc.
November 26, 2019 – Lightning Round with Ed Quilty: What excites you about your job.
Our company purpose: to protect life with timely water information.
It aligns with my personal mission of “4 billion / 2 million / 1 million”.
That is, every year prevent 4 billion water related illnesses, save 2 million children from dying from unsafe water, and plant 1 million trees to slow climate change.
It’s an ambitious goal and it will take more time, but we can do it. Read More Business in Vancouver – Aquatic Informatics Among 2019’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in B.
August 20, 2019 – Business in Vancouver magazine has announced the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in B.
in 2019.
BC’s fastest-growing companies are growing twice as fast today as they were five years ago.
Aquatic Informatics is proud to be among the Class of 2019.
Read More Coastal Front with Andrew Johns – Episode 5: The Business of Clean Water with Ed Quilty.
July 30, 2019 – Ed Quilty has been in the business of water for over 25 years.
He started by cleaning fish poop out of tanks, and now owns Aquatic Informatics, a highly successful software company based in Vancouver which provides water management solutions to over 1,000 organizations across the globe.
Listen to how Ed grew his business from its grassroots beginnings to having over 200 employees.
Watch Now Path to Resilience – WEF Digital Water Walking Tours Highlight Aquatic Informatics & Other Leaders in the Water’s Smart Revolution.
In October, GlobalWaterWorks.org, SWAN and WEF partnered to organize the successful WEFTEC 2018 Digital Water Walking Tours.
During the tours, SWAN members and additional progressive solution providers offered a brief overview and answered questions on how smart and efficient technologies play an important role in driving resilience into the utility environment, including experts Aquatic Informatics. Read More Industry Interrupted | Podcast – The Resource Nobody Thinks About: Aquatic Informatics Leading Change In the Water Industry.
Episode 2 – For most of us, accessing clean water is as easy as turning on the tap.
But for those who live in underserved and isolated communities, that’s a luxury they can’t even fathom.
And as our world increasingly feels the effects of climate change, we might find that our relationship with water will start to change too.
What role can Canadian technology play in helping people around the world access clean water? Read More Business in Vancouver – Aquatic Informatics Selected as a Finalist for the BC Export Awards in Clean Technology.
October 9, 2018 – Aquatic Informatics has been selected as a finalist for the BC Export Awards in the Clean Technology category by Business in Vancouver. Read More Golbalive – Water Testing: Ed Quilty on Automating the Management of Water Resources.
May 9, 2018 – Ed Quilty, CEO of Aquatic Informatics,   shares with  Anthony Lacavera  how the company is helping collect and manage data for infrastructure providers to deliver accurate water information in real-time.
Ed explains the savings the technology can provide by automating the management of water resources.
Watch Video Startup Fever – B.

Becomes Hot Spot for Entrepreneurs Like Aquatic Informatics’ Ed Quilty

April 3, 2018 – Ed Quilty, founder, president, and CEO of Aquatic Informatics, built his water data management company from a consultancy to the world’s largest in its specialized field. Read More Global Water Awards – Aquatic Informatics Shortlisted for Smart Water Company of the Year.
March 20, 2018 – Aquatic Informatics has been shortlisted for this award which recognizes the company which made the greatest contribution to the advancement of digital technology in the water sector in 2017. Read More City of Grand Rapids – City’s Environmental Services Department Trains and Launches Groundbreaking EPA Electronic Reporting With LinkoExchange.
August 25, 2017 – With the launch of LinkoExchange, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, becomes the first in the United States to use Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) technology. Read More JWN – US Geological Survey Migrates Water Monitoring to Aquatic Informatics’ Big Data Platform.
March 8, 2017 – Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software solutions for water data management and analysis, has been recognized as a top cleantech leader on the 2017 Ready to Rocket CleanTech list. Read More Waterbriefing – Aquatic Informatics Named as 2017 Top Cleantech Leader.
March 8, 2017 – Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software solutions for water data management and analysis, has been recognized as a top cleantech leader on the 2017 Ready to Rocket CleanTech list. Read More World Water – USGS Deploys AQUARIUS Time-Series to Upgrade National Water Information System.
January/February 2017 – Aquatic Informatics, Inc.
of Vancouver, Canada reported that the United States Geological Survey (USGS), North America’s largest environmental monitoring agency, deployed AQUARIUS Time-Series in 7 of 50 US states on schedule using Amazon’s cloud computing technology. Read More Hydro World – USGS Begins the Modernization of Their National Water Information System with AQUARIUS.
December 20, 2016 – The next generation of AQUARIUS Time-Series, the world’s most powerful water data management platform, is now live across the Alabama offices of the USGS Lower Mississippi Water Science Center. Read More Business in Vancouver – Aquatic Informatics Named in Top Four of the Fastest Growing B.
Tech Companies.
June 15, 2016 – British Columbia is a great place to start a tech company.
Small surprise, then, that accounting firm Deloitte’s annual Technology Fast 50 list, a celebration of the country’s fastest-growing tech firms, includes nine based in B.
including Aquatic Informatics. Read More Water Canada – Aquatic Informatics Announced as Finalist for 2016 Water’s Next Awards.
May 24, 2016 – Water Canada magazine has announced the finalists of the 2016 Water’s Next Awards.
The Water’s Next Awards program honours the achievements and ideas of individuals and companies that have been successful in their efforts to improve water in Canada. Read More Business in Vancouver – Aquatic Informatics Honored as one of BC’s Top 100 Tech Companies in 2016.
May 10, 2016 – Business in Vancouver magazine has announced the Top 100 tech companies in B.
in 2016.
BIV achieves their ranking by the total number of employees in B.
in 2016. Read More Mediacorp – Aquatic Informatics Recognized as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers.
March 29, .

2016 – Aquatic Informatics Wins Award as One of the Best Places to Work in Canada

Aquatic Informatics has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for three consecutive years by Mediacorp. Read More EBJ – Aquatic Informatics Wins EBJ Business Achievement & Information Technology Award.
March 9, 2016 – Aquatic Informatics Wins EBJ Award for Exceptional AQUARIUS WebPortal Sales Growth & Innovative Cloud Services.
The Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ) has recognized Aquatic Informatics for the third successive year with an EBJ Business Achievement Award. Read More 2400 – 1111 West Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E 4M3 1.877.870.2782 | +1.604.873.2782.

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Agile Defense was recently awarded the U

News and Announcements.
Agile Defense was recently awarded the U.
Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Enterprise IT Services and Support Contract.
Building off of our successful support of similar DoD organizations, .

Agile Defense is eager to provide NETCOM a broad range of

Read More.
Event: APG APBI Technology Expo Dates: 30 Apr 2019 – 1 May 2019 Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Booth Location: Tent D, Booth 22   Agile Defense will be attending The 2019 APBI Spring Technology Expo during APG Discovery Week Advanced Planning.
Read More.
Agile Defense was recently awarded the U.
Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) Digital Innovation & Development’s (DID(it)) Agile Software Development with Pair Programming contract.

Agile Defense will partner with

Read More.
Mar 5, 2020 | Uncategorized, .

WinsAgile Defense was recently awarded the U

Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Enterprise IT Services and Support Contract.

Building off of our successful support of similar DoD organizations

Agile Defense is eager to provide NETCOM a broad range of.
read more.
Apr 23, 2019 | Events Event: APG APBI Technology Expo Dates: 30 Apr 2019 – 1 May 2019 Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Booth Location: Tent D, Booth 22   Agile Defense will be attending The 2019 APBI Spring Technology Expo during APG Discovery Week Advanced Planning.
read more.
Apr 16, .

2019 | WinsAgile Defense was recently awarded the U

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) Digital Innovation & Development’s (DID(it)) Agile Software Development with Pair Programming contract.
Agile Defense will partner with.
read more.
Dec 12, 2018 | AnnouncementsAgile Defense was recently awarded the Army”sInformation Technology Enterprise Solutions – 3 Services (ITES-3S) Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract (IDIQ) under the Small Business Suite.
On this $12.1B IDIQ, Agile Defense will compete for.
read more.
Oct 25, 2018 | AnnouncementsRobotics Process Automation and Intelligent Automation Automation Anywhere and Agile Defense, Inc.
partner to deliver top-tier robotics process automations products and services to the United States government.

What is Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and

Read more « Older Entries

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Proposal review and confirmation Step 2

POWER Y OUR BUSINESS WITH GAMES HTML5 Mini Games & Gamification Branded Mini-Games is the most successful solution for creating HTML event games.
Experience a streamlined and convenient process using our games.


Branded Mini-Games offers a diverse range of services for your successful business

We provide graphic resources .
We provide graphical resources for marketing, such as banners and event landing pages.
Device-specific optimization .
Optimized for web, mobile and multiple device environment s.
Game tutorials are provided.

Help or tutorial UI is provided to help you play the game

Select your preferred difficulty level .
Difficulty and stage modes can be added to enhance the fun of the game.
Mini-games for various events.
There are also various mini-games that you can feel free to join in with, and check the event results.
The latest trending game graphics.
Sample designs for all games can be upgraded to the latest trending designs.

Easy operation and intuitive UI

Easy operation and intuitive UI make it easy to join events

SNS sharing function.

Event information and games can be shared with various SNS

Latest project.

Branded Mini-Games are preferred by a large and diverse range of companies

You can see our successful results in our latest project s.
CLIENT Shilla Duty-Free shop We provided services and developed 10 games on the HTML5game portal on the Shilla Internet Duty -Free app.
READ MORE CLIENT OK Savings Bank We provided HTML5 games such as Roulette and Carrot Manon the OK Savings Bankapp.
READ MORE CLIENT Kia Motors We provided HTML5 promotion al game for the launch ofKia Motors K5 READ MORE CLIENT Somang Cosmetics We provided a promotional game for VPROVEfine-dust-defense cream.

READ MORE CLIENT Samsung Electronics Co

We developed 2 kinds of educational HTML5 games inconjunction with the launch of Samsung Electronics Galaxy A8.

READ MORE See more projects Production process

Proposal planning.
Proposal review and confirmation.
Design work.
Game animation work.
Design inspection.
Final inspection and service launch.
Step 1.
Proposal planning.
The main contents of the plan are as follows.
Play time.
Difficulty composition.
Stage configuration.
Initial screen, game screen and result screen.
Each screen design guide.
Scoring and setting the highest score.
Confirmation of failure and termination conditions.
Proposal review and confirmation Step 2.
Proposal review and confirmation.
After the proposal is completed, we receive confirmation and feedback from customers.
When the proposal with feedback is confirmed, proceed to the next step.
Game plans vary by game, but usually consist of about 20-40 pages.
Design work Step 3.
Design work.
The main items of design resource work are:.
Intro screen.
Help screen.
Difficulty selection screen.
In-game screen.
Exit screen.
Results screen.
Game animation work Step 4.
Game animation work.
The in-game animation work is as follows.
Character and design element animation.
Effect animation.
Design inspection Step 5.
Design inspection.
After the design resource is completed, we receive confirmation and feedback from customers.
When the design resource, along with the final feedback is confirmed, the development process is continued.
Development Step 6.
We begin development based on established design resources.
When development is completed, a final inspection is performed according to the test schedule.

Final inspection and service launch Step 7

Final inspection and service launch.
When development is completed, final inspection is conducted according to the QA plan.
When all inspections are completed and the customer passes the final inspection, an event is opened.
HTMLM5 Games.
Choose the game you want to make.
An addictive brick-breaking game for everyone to enjoy.
A cute match 3 game.
Slide and switch to match 3 in a row.
Defend your kingdom with powerful tower upgrades and magic.
A fun and addictive bubble shooting game.
Take aim, collect, and pop.
Can the puppy safely explore the seabed.
It looks easy, but it requires concentration.
A simple game, but extremely addictive.
Leap the frog from lily pad to lily pad.
Try your luck.
The joy of spin is doubled, and quadrupled if you win.
Show off your concentration and your reflexes with this thrilling, fast-paced game.
Rescue the cute girl trapped in the shopping center with the zombies.

More Games Whatever your needs

We’re here to help!.
If you have any production inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us.
[email protected] | | Address: Emoji Games GmbH Seeburgstrasse 18 6006 Luzern.

SwitzerlandE-Mail: Address: Emoji Games GmbH Seeburgstrasse 18 6006 Luzern

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