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Gaming Report Suggests Nintendo Asking Developer s To Make Games “4K-Ready” Gaming Report Suggests Nintendo Asking Developers To Make Games “4K-Ready”.

This is for a potential Switch hardware refresh

Ashley Bates September 9, 2020 According to a fresh report from Bloomberg, .

Nintendo have begun asking their developers to ensure their games are “4K-ready”

This is supposedly in regards to the rumours that Nintendo will be releasing a version of the early next year, with a significant hardw are upgrade.

Not much is really known about this mysterious new Switch model

such as the hardware specs or whether it’ll be replacing the current Switch model entirely, but apparently it’ll feature a higher resolution screen, and will be able to support 4K resolution when docked.
Naturally, this’ll require a huge boost to the console’s CPU and GPU, .

Which to me suggests this is some kind of new Switch model

With Nintendo launching the handheld only Switch Lite on September 20th last year

it perhaps stands to reason that Nintendo would go the other way with their next iteration, creating a meatier Switch console that’s capable of better visuals and so on.

Considering we’re barreling towards the first anniversary of the Nintendo Switch Lite

maybe Nintendo will use that moment to announce the next one.
Will you pick up an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch .
Sound off in the comments.
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Too much game rscore, not enough credit score.
All The News on Your Favourite Games .

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